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Space Anomaly Forensics & Environment Resolution (SAFER)

Space Weather Events like Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) impact objects in the space as well as on the ground. Modern life, ie, the civil, defense, and commercial world depends heavily on modern infrastructures like electricity, aviation, GPS, Communications and everything else. All or majority of these infrastructures are monitored or served by satellites. Impacts to satellites and other infrastructures cause enormous damage to human life and global economy at scale. Space Weather events can cause such impacts to on-orbit satellites and other ground infrastructure. Space Weather affects all infrastructure, irrespective of commercial, governmental or global operators. Timely awareness allows the operators to take preventive measures to avoid catastrophic events.

BLUE EYE SOFT (BES) is working on to build and mature Space Anomaly Forensics & Environment Resolution (SAFER) platform that predicts potential satellite anomalies based on historic space weather data in its initial versions. In it's later versions, SAFER would provide real-time anomaly predictions using real-time space weather events.

With sudden spurt of private players leading the space operations, there are great many innovations happening across the globe that will transform the space exploration dramatically. With private players like SpaceX and Blue Origin launching constellations of purpose-focussed satellites, anomaly prediction and detection is even more important. With human travel to space almost certain in the next few years, space weather modelling and impact assessment is even more important. Space is the last frontier where global conflicts can cause devastating effects on human race. So it is very important to differentiate if an anomaly is caused by a space weather event or manufacture defect before determining any nefarious activity by an adversary.


What is Space Weather

Space Weather is the phenomena that mostly originates from SUN and affects the Solar environment, specially between the sun and Earth. Space weather is primarily driven by solar storm phenomenon that include coronal mass ejections(CME), solar flares, solar particle events and solar wind. These phenomena can occur in various regions on the sun’s surface and follow a 11 year pattern called Solar Cycles. An understanding of solar storm phenomena is an important component to developing accurate space weather forecasts and NOAA/SWPC officially handles it now.

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What is Anomaly

Satellite anomalies are mission-degrading events that negatively affect on-orbit operational spacecraft or services it offers. All satellites experience anomalies of some kind during their operational lifetime. They range in severity from temporary errors in noncritical subsystems to loss-of-contact and complete mission failure. There is a range of causes for these anomalies, and investigations by the satellite operator or manufacturer to determine the cause of a specific anomaly are sometimes conducted at significant expense.


What is our Solution

Our solution focusses on analysing space weather data, both historic and real-time, and combine that with various telemetry characteristics and orbital conditions using advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) models in predicting potential future anomalies. We are working with various agencies to bring together required data and the processes, the advances in research to bring the platform to provide advanced insights to benefit the spacecraft community.